Monthly Archives: April 2010

Blippy Issues, Resolutions, Plan

It has been a rocky weekend for Blippy. The weekend began with a front page article in the New York Times announcing our Series A financing. The elation didn’t last long. A few hours later, reports surfaced about the discovery of credit card numbers within Google’s cached search results. Our mood quickly went from elation to […]

Blippy And Credit Card Numbers: Update

The security and privacy of our users is extremely important to Blippy and is our top priority. As a continuation of our efforts from yesterday, when 4 credit card numbers were discovered in Google’s cache, we’re taking the following measures: We’re continuing to work with Google to have them remove all sensitive information from their […]

Blippy And Credit Card Numbers

Today someone discovered a Google search that displays the credit card numbers of 4 Blippy users. Blippy sincerely apologizes to those 4 users and we have reached out to them.  We will do what it takes to ensure that they are minimally affected. The credit card numbers are appearing in’s cache from 2 months […]