What’d You Get?

Here at Blippy headquarters, we’re pretty excited about the new video that just went live on the Blippy homepage. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below.

We wanted a way to tell Blippy’s story simply and creatively, in less than a minute. We also wanted to give our users a sense of who we are here at Blippy, and tell a story about how people are using the service.

We hope the video draws attention to some Blippy features that people might not know about.  For example, not everyone knows that Blippy users can decide exactly what they want to share, and what they don’t.  Users can share interesting purchases, while keeping boring or personal purchases private.

Another aim of the video is to give an inside view into what the Blippy community is all about. After all, Blippy is about much more than just sharing what you buy — it’s a community of interesting people who want to connect to find new things to do, great places to eat, cool apps, music recommendations and more.

We hope you like the video as much as we do.

– John Garvie

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