Use Gmail to Share Purchases

Blippy can now import e-commerce receipts from your Gmail inbox. This lets you securely share exactly what you’re buying from from all corners of the web, not just giants like Amazon or Ebay.

This is the best way to get your purchases into Blippy because it allows us to detect purchases from those big stores but also smaller, specialty stores like ThinkGeek, Foodzie and many more. Now you can be sure that the sweet Electronic Guitar Shirt you ordered will show up in your feed – if you want it to (which you obviously do!).

Along those lines, when we import your e-commerce receipts into Blippy we make sure that only purchases you personally approve are posted to your feed. So you don’t have to worry about something weird showing up that you didn’t choose to share.

Also, your security is our top concern so we use oAuth (a secure authentication standard used by Google, Twitter, Facebook and others) which allows you to share your e-commerce receipts without having to provide the password to your inbox. That means you can share what you buy without having to share anything else, which is always nice.

Click here to connect your Gmail account to Blippy

– John Garvie

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